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Omar Ahmad (Abdur) Rahman: Date Unknown (For Surely, they will Kill Me…)

My message and will to the blessed muslim nation Oh honorable brothers! Oh Muslims in all parts of the world!

Surely the US government has found in my imprisonment an opportunity;
an opportunity to defile the honour of a Muslim, snatching away his dignity and respect. They’ve placed me under siege, not only physically, but also psychologically.

I’ve been placed in isolation. I’ve been forbidden contact with any Arabic speakers. Days, weeks, months pass and there’s no one I can talk to, and no one to talk to me.

I’ve been deprived of everything inside my cell even media players or a radio. If it wasn’t for the recitation of the Quran, I would have had many physiological problems. In this oppressive siege, cameras are included throughout my cell. They monitor me continuously throughout the day, they even watch me washing my private parts during bathing and using the toilet. They don’t stop there, they exploit my blindness to achieve their vile objectives, for they frisk me by stripping off my clothes, just as I was born, and look at my private parts, front and rear.

What do they search for? Drugs and explosives? This happens before and after every visit. This is so shameful, it makes me prefer the earth to split in half and swallow me whole over their filthy actions. But as I said, to them this is an opportunity they seized to defile the dignity of a Muslim and his honor on this earth. I am also prevented from performing Jumu’a prayers, Eid and any contact with other Muslims! All of this is forbidden to me! They give me false justifications and they make up null excuses.

The prison wardens neglect my personal condition e.g. haircuts and nail-cutting for months. They also force me to wash my underwear. I soak, wash, rinse and hang it, I find it hard! Moreover, I feel the danger of this situation. For surely, they will kill me… they will! Especially now that I’m separated from the world. No one sees what they add in my food, my drink! They could use a slow method to kill me, they could poison my food or medicine or inject me with something. They could drug me with something which would kill me or drive me crazy.

My brothers, if they kill me – which they will – escort my Janazah, and deliver my corpse to my fam- ily. But never forget my blood, never forsake it! Instead take revenge upon them for me in the most severest and violent of manners! And remember that a brother of yours spoke the truth and was killed in the path of Allah.

These few words are my testament to you.
Wassalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh


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Omar Ahmad (Abdur) Rahman: July 20, 2011

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful, All praise is due to Allah, lord of everything that exists, and peace and blessings be upon the head of the Prophets, our Messenger, Mohammad Peace be upon him, his family, his companions and those who follow him until the day of Judgement:

The conditions of the prison I am in are very bad, and are as low as it can get, and you might be able to get a glimpse of it from the following:

The claim that they make of freedom of religion and freedom of worship, is a pure lie, I haven’t been allowed to pray Friday Prayers, or Congregational prayers ever since I got here in October, 1995.

And there is racism here, and bias towards the interaction with the prisoners. When one of the other prisoners calls the guard, they rush to answer him. But Me, I stay hours knocking on the door of my cell and no one does anything. In Fact, I stay months without cutting my hair and nails.

And I have stayed in solitary Confinement despite my condition (Old age, blind, diabetes, and more) no one helps me with setting my things up, I have no one to talk to day after day, night after night. And it’s not allowed for me to mix with anyone who speaks arabic, because everyone around me is not Muslim or they don’t’ speak Arabic.

I stay upon this state day and night (since october 95!)

How lonely is this! How cruel is this! With these actions they want me sick forever to seek revenge from me, for no other reason except that I am a Muslim.

Are these the “human rights” that they always brag about everywhere and in their media?

And they tried me so I dont bark a word or make a peep?

Have you heard of searches after you are completely naked exposing your most private parts?
Taking off your outer and inner clothes for everyone to see, so you are as naked as the day your mother gave birth to you!

I swear by Allah, The Great, this happens to me every time someone visits me, a friend or relative (even though I have no relatives in the US, I consider all Muslims my relatives.) Every visit means I take my clothes off twice, going and coming back, they order me to take off all my clothes, and if only this was it!

But, the head of the Prison, his name is “kirling” and he has another guy with him named “day” and another group of bodyguards order me to open my legs and thighs, and get completely naked from head to toe. And after that, like animals, and I can’t even mention this out of modesty and embarrassment, but I will say it to decrease the load upon me, and so that the Muslim Ummah can finally get up and carry its load, and obligations towards its religion, they then search me up close, while they stand around me looking and laughing.

Groups of bodyguards challenge each other to looking at my private parts and searching me, and whoever does it the longest is supposedly the best at doing his job. They embarrass and humiliate me in these ways because I am a Muslim, and what they do is Haraam in the Shariah, [and forbidden] with Allah.

And why are they doing this? Have they found their prey and achieved their goals? Why are they looking at my private parts? Are they searching for weapons? Or explosives? Or drugs? The ones I took from my cell to give to my visitor? Or the ones I took from my visitor to bring back to my cell?

They do this twice every visit, and for this I melt out of shame and embarrassment, and I hope that the earth swallows me before they do that to me!

Would anyone who protects his deen and his honor be pleased with this?

O brothers of manhood and brotherhood! O people of sacrifice and honor!  O men of Allah!  Get out of your deep sleep!  Get up with your Thunderous voices!  Go out O men of Allah and make your voices heard everywhere!  And say it with All your strength and bravery!  Get up O men of Allah United as one!  Make clear the Truth, and Destroy Falsehood!  “And do not incline toward those who do wrong, lest you be touched by the Fire,“(quran 11:113)

Have the prisons been built for the scholars or the criminals to sleep in?!! Death has surrounded my Ummah! Say Allahu Akbar! and tell death to come alive!  Who will waken this ummah which is building its nest on thin air, who’s feelings have become so hardened it doesn’t move an inch towards the plots that are happening, it has lost its scholars which have filed the prisons like heards, is there no brave men that fear Allah?  Are there no words that throw truth and destroy falsehood?  Get up and Unite, and do not fear destitution!

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