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Abdulaziz: Je Ne Me Plaindrai Pas


Je ne me plaindrai auprès de personne, ni
n’attendrai de pardon de quiconque à part Allah,
Alors aide-moi Seigneur.

Oh Seigneur, mon cœur est infecté de confusions.

Je ne me plaindrai auprès de personne à part Toi,
même si les mers se plaignaient de sècheresse.

Même si mon corps est soumis par les chaînes,
mon esprit flotte librement dans les cieux.

Prier Allah, Qui m’a doté de patience dans les
temps d’adversité, et de gratitude pour les
moments de joie.

Prier Allah, Qui a placé un jardin et un verger en
mon sein, afin qu’ils m’accompagnent toujours.

Prier Allah, Qui m’a doté de la foi, et fait de moi un

Prier Allah, Seigneur de l’Univers.

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Abdulaziz: I Shall Not Complain


I shall not complain to anyone or expect
grace from anyone
other than God, so help me God.

O Lord, my heart is plagued with troubles.

I shall not complain to anyone other than You, even if the seas
complain of dryness.

My spirit is free in the heavens, while my body is overpowered
by chains.

Praise God, who has granted me patience in times of adversity
and gratitude in times of gladness.

Praise God, who placed a garden and an orchard in my bosom,
so they will be with me always.

Praise God, who has granted me faith and made me a Muslim.

Praise God, Lord of the world.

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Fulan: In the Palace of Papers

Palace of Paper


44:18 ?/?/?

Por Mi Amor

In the Palace of Papers a 1’000 words are written, where they go are known to none. Least of all to those who write them. Those spying, prying eyes, ignorant of the eloquence they hope to understand are in their ever blissless blunderings imprisoned, while they, themselves hope to be like that which they have “imprisoned”.

Yet words are born in the captivity of minds and are bound and confined by the limitations of text and tongues incapable of freeing them; feelings — how can such things felt, be given form in the arc and curve of confining, contrived script when they were birthed in the vastless chambers of dreams and the void of hearts hewn and honed on Haqq.

So letters are written, and letters asking for letters are written, and upon the broken backs of tongue-twisted squash are they conveyed to courts where kings are at the beck of jesters on usurped thrones, and the lyres are played, plucked by the teeth of crooked minstrels.

So inept ignorant eyes, pry and pry awaiting a day when banners are affixed and ears are gifted for that which they heard. And words scribed, while much goes unsaid and deeds are earned with a pen mightier than any sword for plundering that worth more than gold…

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“I’m trying to write a poem for you.”

Shaikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al KhalifaAbdullah Al NoaimiThis is a poem I have written about my brother and friend Salman al Khalifa at the Guantanamo prison, after a long separation between us. The Americans were keen on keeping us apart. Four months later, he sent verbal greetings with the brothers, in which he said,

May peace, God’s Mercy and Blessings be upon you. I miss you a great deal and I’m trying to write a poem for you.

I felt guilty about this. Will he write a poem for me when he is no poet, while I, who claim to be a poet, have written nothing for him?” Abdullah Al Noaimi (ISN 159, Bahrain) Released November 2005; Rearrested 2008


Three years after his return from Guantánamo, al-Noaimi was working as an electrician, and was married with two children, but on October 29, 2008, as he made his way along the King Fahad Causeway, which joins Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, he was seized at a Saudi checkpoint and appears to have been detained ever since. An article in Gulf Daily News stated that it was “understood his name was included on a list of nearly 1,000 Al-Qaida suspects accused of carrying out ‘acts of war’ against Saudi Arabia,” but, as Nabeel Rajab, the president of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR), explained, al-Noaimi (described as al-Nuaimi) “had not been allowed to hire a lawyer or see any of his family,” and “had no idea of the charges against him, violating numerous articles in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”

He said, “While we fully respect and appreciate our brothers in Saudi Arabia, we do not accept any of our citizens to be arrested in this arbitrary manner, which violates the simplest international norms. Today, there are international standards and charters that should be respected as part of every country’s role in the international community.”

No explanation appears to have been provided by the Saudi authorities. 16 April, 2013 members of the Bahraini parliament protested by walking out of session and complaining that the Foreign Affairs Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa and the Bahraini governemnt had not done enough to demand the realease of Abdullah Al Noaimi and fellow Bahraini and former Guantanamo detainee, Abdulraheem Ali Al Murbati.

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Voyage du Retour

Il commence sans freins,
Se termine par une capture sans fins,
ce voyage.

Allongé dans ma cellule les yeux ouverts,
avec une joie et des sourires feints,
Je vois ma liberté consumée, mon heure venue –
Les larmes font déborder le vase de ma peine;
Ma maison est une cage aux barreaux d’acier
où le faux devient vrai, où les rêves sont brisés,
les espoirs tabassés,
où d’un nouveau statut on se voit gratifié!

L’ironie de tout ça – la détention et le reste:
Etre si petit et se tenir si haut.
Des années de larmes, des journées de labeur,
il ne reste que la peur, au bon plaisir des tyrans.
Une ordination qui expirera sûrement
sans tarder.
Mais en attendant, cette farce on doit l’endurer

Maintenant que l’on a bien appris sa leçon:
Que “la patience est une vertu”
Et que la vertu est forgée de fer,
Alors la poésie est mise en mouvement
(peut-être même sera-t-elle appréciée).

Encore et encore sur le papier j’écris,
Sachant quoi mais jamais quand –
là où les rêves commencent et les cauchemars
s’achèvent –
Je rentrerai chez moi auprès de ceux que j’aime.

-Moazzam Begg, Former Guantanamo Detainee

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Homeward Bound

Begins this journey without reins,
Ends in capture without aims;
Now lying in the cell awake,
with merriment and smiles all fake:

Freedom is spent, time is up
Tears have rent my sorrow’s cup;
Home is a cage, and cage is steel,
Thus manifest reality’s unreal.

Dreams are shattered, hopes are battered,
Yet with new status one is flattered!
The irony of it – detention and all;
Be so small, stand so tall.

Years of tears and days of toil
Are now but fears and tyrant’s spoil;
Ordainment has surely come to pass,
But endure alone one must this farce.

Now ‘patience is virtue’ taught,
And virtue is of iron wrought;
So poetry is in motion set
(perhaps, with appreciation met)

Still the papers do I pen,
Knowing what, but never when
As dreams begin, and nightmares end
I’m homeward bound to beloved tend.

-Moazzam Begg, Former Guantanamo Detainee

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Fulan: What Days Have Passed

What Days Have Passed

44:10 ?/?/?


What days have passed when pen and paper were pined for. Days when volumes were scribed upon the walls of a fractured mind. Where shadow and light were one, and fancy and phantasms roamed the halls of a maddening maze, side by side and stride by stride with fact and fading reality.

What days have passed when hands rent hearts in want and desire, pacifying pain in the dreams of what were and could be.

What days have passed when sleep and wakefulness were known only in lexicons, and the borders of dreams were dissolved in the deluge of denial and dementia.

What days have passed when hands touched and eyes found faces, if even their own.

What days are yet to come when thoughts are given leave to be born and life be lived and scattered screaming scrawlings no longer are escape from one’s self but sojourn to one’s soul…

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