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What Have You Done in the Last 11 Years?


For Johina Aamer, her brothers and her mother, the technical aspects of Shaker Aamer’s case come second to their daily worry: they have not been with Shaker for 11 years – soon to be 12 years. Everything else becomes peripheral to this. This family just wants their father home and a wife wants her husband back. It is easy to dismiss 11 years as another statistic to this case without really thinking about how long it is. So Johina wants to ask you: “What have you done in the last 11 years?”

Our upmost gratitude to all who featured in this video in support of Johina.

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A Poem From the Children of Shaker Aamer

Hear our Cry

Help us bring our father home
Brothers, sisters come along

He has never done anything wrong
He is innocent, that is well known

Locked up far away in a no entry zone
He’s been tortured, he’s been torn

Do you know how we live on our own
Struggling, thinking where do we belong

We have missed him for very very long
We can’t see him, we can’t phone

We try to be patient but we can’t go on
All we can do is cry and mourn

When will he return, no signs are shown
We wish after night, comes new dawn

Let us remind you we are not alone
Allah Almighty keeps us strong

By the Children of Shaker Aamer


 Your Urgent Action for Shaker Aamer is needed now.

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My Brother Faris has Never seen his Father

(January 2010)

[Original Scan]

Dear Gordon Brown,

I hope you are in good health. I am writing to ask you for my father’s release. As you might know, my father has been away for 8 years, he was taken away since I was four years old. It has been most of my life.

My brother Faris has never seen his father and misses him a lot. Sometimes he thinks other people are his father. Once a man came to do our garden, Faris (has) a lot of fun and laughs with him. When he left, Faris asked my Mum, “Is that my Dad?” He has never felt what it’s like to be with a father or to go out with him.  Faris has had no experience at all of what it’s like to have a father just like every child does.

My mother is very patient but sometimes when she misses him too much she gets depressed. My mother is also a psychiatric patient. Whenever she gets depressed we have to go to my grandparents’ house where my grandparents look after her. When she is ill she is in bed day and night and can’t do much. I really hate it when she gets depressed.

At school, when it is time to go home, most of the children have their fathers pick them up which makes me miss him even more. I never really go[t] to do things with my father.

Also there is no reason for my father to be in prison. There have never been any charges made against him and he is innocent. My father has suffered for eight years in prison for no reason. I hope there can be a change now. He has got so many illnesses such as asthma and many physical problems. He is also the only British resident there.

I take that you understand this as a father and a husband. Nobody would like to be separated from their fathers or mothers. It is not nowhere near fun to be without a father we’ve missed so much.

I hope this letter can make a difference and that my father is released as soon as possible.

Thank you.


Johina Aamer
Daughter of Shaker Aamer

                Your Urgent Action for Shaker Aamer is needed now.      .

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My Life Without My Dad

After school, when I have reached home
“I have a surprise for you”
Says my mom.

I get excited what if my dad has returned?
It would be the best thing that ever happened

“A chocolate cake and some games for fun”.
How can I say:”Thanks mum, but I want none”.

I run to my room with my heart broken
My dad in a cage, locked up in a prison

He was sold to the people with no hearts or emotions,
where is the justice, for my dad is innocent!?

A long, long waiting but no sign of return
Each day is same for my brothers, me and mum
I miss you everyday, you are never forgotten.

I wish to say goodbye to the world of corruption
So we can be together and rejoice in heaven
I hide my tears and smile for this reason.

Johina Aamer, daughter of Shaker Aamer
(Written June 29, 2007 at 9 years of age)

Shaker Aamer
ISN US9SA-000239DP
Camp Delta, U.S. Naval Station
Guantánamo Bay, Cuba 
PO Box 160 
Washington, D.C. 20053

And do not forget him & his family in your dua.

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