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Marcus Robertson (Abu Taubah) June 2013: (I Call on You to Aid Me in this Hardship)

Bismillah, Al-hamdulillaah and Sallallahu wa Sallim ‘ala Nabbiyillaah wa Ba’du
From Abu Taubah
To the Muslims,

As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa RaHmatullaah

I personally, and from the bottom of my heart thank you all for the amount of support you’all continuously show me and my family. Jazaakumullaahu khayran. Your support has enabled us to retain legal services of Attorneys Corey Cohen and Daniel Brodersen.

Cohen and Brodersen have excellent credentials and came highly recommended. They believe in our case and because of that have worked out a payment plan different from their normal practice.

I am asking you all to help me pay these men. Some people think that now that we have retained them, the job is done. No, it is not like that. Rather, now that we have gotten them to agree to take the case, we have to pay them for their expertise and services. As you all know, a good legal team is costly but a poor legal team costs even more. I invoke my right as your muslim brother and call on you all to aid me in this hardship.

I remind you all with what comes in the word and tafseer of ayah 177 of Baqarah. “It is not righteousness (Birr) that you Jews and Christians turn your faces in prayer to the East and the West. Rather Righteousness consists of believing in Allaah, the Last Day, the Angels, all of the Scriptures and all of the Prophets. And that even though you love and need money yourself, you still give it in charity to help Relatives, Orphans, the Needy, Travelers who need help getting home, those who Solicite funds for acceptable causes, and for helping Free Slaves and Prisoners. Furthermore, Rightenous people make it their business to offer Salaah five times a day, to Pay the annual Zakaah, to keep their word when they give it, to fulfill their obligations honestly and are Patient under the pressures of poverty, sickness and in the face of danger. These are the ones who have been faithful to Righteous Beliefs, and these are the ones who have taqwaa.”

O my Brothers and Sisters, you all know that I am not a terrorist and that I have never promoted terrorism. So please help me to prove that in court. I ask you all to be patient with me during this Fitnah for as believers we can expect a lot of good out of one difficulty. Their Promise of Allah is True. Let us seek Allaah’s Forgiveness and renew our intentions to be people of Taqwaa. I thank you all again and again and include you all in my private duaas.

Your brother Abu Taubah
Wal-Hamdulillaahi Rabbil-aalameen

Marcus Robertson #201100011051
John Polk Correctional Facility
Seminole County
211 Bush Blvd
Sanford, FL 32773


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Abu Taubah’s Imprisoned Voice: What Have I Taught You? [Letters Needed before July]

 UPDATE: Abu Taubah’s hearing is scheduled for July 2013

If you have already sent a letter, please resend with signature and testimonial clause (see below). If you have not sent a letter… do it now!

As the United States government aggressively seeks to redefine the constitution and its relation to Islam, many prominent Muslim theologians and students have fallen victim to increasingly hostile prosecution against religious beliefs. Abu Taubah’s recent arrest and other such test cases challenging religious and political freedoms, portend a bleak future for all Muslims in the West.
In Abu Taubah’s own words:

(Transcript found here)

Write your testimony today!

  • Read what Abu Taubah is asking of you
  • Explain how Abu Taubah’s teachings reflect a striving towards the authentic practice of Islam
  • If you are able to, cite specific classes or seminars in which you have grasped the meaning of Abu Taubah’s message and teachings
  • Define key vocabulary such as “sunnah” and “salaf” and concepts such as “seeking knowledge”, “learning Qur’an”, or “performing Hajj” in light of what Abu Taubah himself has taught
  • Share how Abu Tuabah’s educational endeavours have had a positive impact on your life and spirituality
  • Affirm the non-violent, practical, holistic, and positive nature of the “Each One Teach One” approach
  • Refrain from unnecessarily criticizing the blatantly prejudicial application of law
  • Even if you have never attended a class by Abu Taubah, but have had the opportunity of hearing a lecture online, or viewing a recorded khutbah, elucidate to the best of your ability on the Islamic concepts you have garnered from his own words
  • If you are unfamiliar with Abu Taubah, read a short biography of him or watch this inspiring interview.
  • Make sure letters have at the end with this testimonial clause:
    I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
  • Please be sure to sign the letter (physically or upload a digital signature), and if you can, get it notarised.
  • Each letter should be written this way  and is to be treated as though the writer is an ACTUAL witness in a federal court of law. Any other letter, the prosecution can call hearsay and dump the letter.

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Marcus Robertson (Abu Taubah): February 2013 (On The Inside)

Chapter One

As the prisoners file into the chapel, their eyes are scanning the congregation for possible friends and foes. Then, once deciding whether to go right or left, they rush off in their chosen direction to greet their associates from the other cell blocks Speaking in hushed tones, they pass on messages and news from loved ones in far away places. I’m standing in the heart of the chapel by the podium, greeting everyone as they come in.

“Come in brothers! You can sit anywhere you want. As-Salaamu ‘alaykum. Peace, Peace. Yeah maan, you can sit wherever you want. Don’t worry about it; we won’t get started until everybody finds a spot.”


In Prison, people come to religious service for different reasons. Sure, some come to pray and some come searching for the truth, but most come to see their people, or to get out of the cell for an hour or two.

It’s almost time. Everybody’s finally sitting down. Some half-facing each other, some leaning back and others on the edge of their seats: all whispering, smiling and enjoying each others company. Looking around I realize that I don’t know these guys from Aadam. I am a stranger here.

Out of the thirty or so men in this room, only about five of us are Muslims. And two of them are New Shahaadas. So where do I start with these men? They are quite aware of the nature of their crimes. But if you were to ask them, “How could you do such things?” They will explain that they have sold drugs to the most respected Preachers. And have seen too many “Church Ladies” turning tricks to pay their bills not to do such things. In their world, they are normal men trying to survive in a system that has little concern for them.

I recognize that they have seen a lot, but what I don’t know is what they understand about Islaam. Which leads me back to the question of: where do I start with these guys. Hmph, I’m getting a queasy feeling rolling about in my stomach. Steady, steady, it’s time to start, take a breath…

Rabbish-raH-Lee Sadree”
My Lord give me the right inspiration,” whispers out of my mouth.

wa Yas-sir-Lee amree
and make this easy for me…

waH-LuL ‘uQdataM MiL-Lisaanee…”
“and untie the knot in my tongue…”

Yaf-Qahoo QawLee.”
“so that they can relate to what I’m talking about.”

Then, raising my voice just above the friendly commotion, I say:

“Bis-millahir RaH-maanir Ra-Heem. My name is Wahshee and I’m going to be teaching the class today.”

Nothing. Most are not paying attention, caught up in conversations much more interesting. When a scattered few give me the, “Go ahead, you’re not interrupting us” nod. I feel a smile growing uncontrolled on my face. I can’t help it. Class is in session… and I love it.

I begin, “AL-Hamdulillah, Getting locked up is almost like dying… only better.”

The low rumble ceases. “Every man in this room knows what it feels like to get locked up right?”    Read the rest of this entry »


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Marcus Robertson (Abu Taubah): May 01, 2013 (This Simple Action Will Change Our Lives)

Bismillah walHamdulillah wa salaatu wa salaamu ‘alaa rasulillah.

As salaamu ‘alaa man attabi-ul hudaa. I have been in solitary confinement since November 2012. I am kept in a concrete cell with no mirror and no window. The strong, bright lights that glare from the ceiling never dim or go out. A video camera records me 24 hours a day. I never know what time it is and this has caused me to become a nervous wreck when trying to figure out the times for Fajr and Magrib. WalHamdulillah. All of my mail, legal papers, books – including my Quran have been confiscated. Only a small portion of my legal papers have been returned- a nominal amount to support the claim that they returned something.

What has happened? Towards the end of RamaDaan 2011 I was arrested for constructive possession of a firearm and a conspiracy to submit a fraudulent tax return. Both charges are exaggerations of events in order to enhance me to a terrorist. The government has not officially charged me with terrorism, however they have used a clause to enhance the charges to acts of terrorism.

A young Muslim went about bragging to an undercover FBI agent that he wanted to go overseas and fight Jihad and wanted to die on the battlefield and that he learned these things from me. And it is for this reason that they claim that they are prosecuting me. Claiming that I am a recruiter for al Qaeeda and a terrorist trainer.

In support of their claim they are using as proof that I encouraged the young man to make ‘umrah- they say that this was to cleanse his soul in order for him to become a suicide bomber. They are also using the young man’s statements to the undercover agent- which I had no knowledge of nor was I present for when he stated them – and a video wherein I am telling some students that are memorizing the Quran that they are to be real mujaahideen in preserving and protecting the Quran.

As for my legal standing, I have had 6 attorneys thus far. All of whom have quit except the last one who was removed by the judge when he put forth the motion requesting that the prosecution provide proof of their claim. This is when they placed me in isolation. I have seen my new court appointed attorney very few times.

I believe that I can be cleared by bringing forth witnesses, my writings and my works. But that takes organization. Someone to present the facts in a legal format. And this is what I am not able to get done.

AlHamdulillah I would like to thank all the people who are supporting me, helping my family or just going through this with us. Jazakumallahu khayran it is encouraging. I am, walHamdulillah bi khayr and pleased with Allah as my Lord, Islam as my way of life and Muhammad as my prophet.

Please note that we were moving progressively when we were studying Quran, Arabic and fiQh and that this was such a disturbance to the kuffaar that they have gone so far as to label me a terrorist. I think that my most dangerous statement has been to encourage everyone to recite 10 pages of Quran everyday. And this simple action done consistently will change our lives.

This walHamdulillah,
Abu Taubah


Marcus Robertson #201100011051
John Polk Correctional Facility
Seminole County
211 Bush Blvd
Sanford, FL 32773

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Take Time for Abu Taubah: Support the ‘Glimpses of Qur’an’ Campaign

We Praise Allah and are pleased to announce Mercy Mission’s special release of ‘Glimpses of Qur’an: Imam Abu Taubah’s highly acclaimed 30-part series on the relevance of Qur’an in daily life.

The Official Release of Glimpses of Quran

Glimpses of Quran (pictured above is not actual box set; actual product will vary)

This limited-time offer not only features the beloved Ustadh reviewing the essence of each juz in his distinctly straightforward manner, but showcases a valuable opportunity to support Abu Taubah and his family.

With the sudden arrest of Abu Taubah in 23 August 2011, his twelve young children and wives were flung into a world of uncertainty. Struggling not only with the indefinite detention of the Imam characterised by the spectre of wildly fabricated charges, the family can barely cope with the astronomical legal costs of defending Abu Taubah’s innocence in addition to maintaining the everyday needs of an extraordinarily special family.

With the purchase of this box set, one can contribute directly to Abu Taubah’s support fund and simultaneously support the dawah that the Imam dedicated his scholarly life to. But the benefits of seeking knowledge while helping the prisoners does not stop here; in order to reap a greater reward of this exciting opportunity, please share the ‘Glimpses of Quran‘ Campaign with friends, family, fellow students, and community members.

If you wish to contribute directly to the fund, please see here. Remember to always keep Abu Taubah and his family in and your duas, and don’t forget to write to him to lend him your support and share insights about the DVD box set you just bought:

Marcus Robertson #201100011051
John Polk Correctional Facility
Seminole County
211 Bush Blvd
Sanford, FL 32773
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A Message to the Ummah from Ustadh Abu Taubah

Alhamdulillah wa kafaa


From Abu Taubah to everyone:

As Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah.

I’d like first and foremost to thank everyone for continuing to show support through these difficult times. And I would like to encourage and remind myself and everyone else to continue to be patient.

Recently I sued the prison for their treatment that amounts to torture and now it looks like they are retaliating against me. I have been placed into isolation again. This time with no writing utensils, all of my books have been confiscated (including my mus-Haf). They said that they would return it, but when, they don’t know. I have been placed under a general investigation. Along with this lawsuit against the prison, I have served the prosecutor, FBI and attorney general with a lawsuit. These are two civil cases that I have been implementing because of my religiously biased arrest and incarceration.

And I would like the people to write the two judges in these cases and encourage them to honestly investigate the allegations being made by these lawsuits.

There is an attempt on the government’s side to charge me as a terrorist. But I think it is clear to everyone what my da’wah has been from the start. This is to learn the Arabic language, the Qur’an and the ‘usulu fiqh so that you may learn how to apply the Qur’an. I think by now everyone should know how dangerous this idea is viewed by some non Muslims. I just want to reiterate the point: read at least a Hizb a day and try to understand it according to the basics of the sunnah. That’s it, that is my da’wah.

I may not be able to contact you all as much as I would like to, until this is all over. But it doesn’t mean that you are not in my du’ah.

Again I thank you all, over and over, [who] make this easier for me and my family.

Salallahu ‘alaa Muhammad wal Hamdulillah.


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Umm Taubah’s Appeal: “There I was, having a seizure out of fear…”

Umm Taubah, wife of Abu Taubah, recounts the harrowing morning of her husband’s arrest and the devastating effect it has had on the family.

Abu Taubah’s twelve children are still suffering, and his family is in dire need of duaa, financial and logistical support.

If you live in the Orlando area and can offer assistance to the family with respect to child care, hot meals, clothing, or medical care, please contact If you have any legal expertise or would like to refer a legal representative appropriate to Abu Taubah’s case (see here, here, here, and here), please also email the above email address.

Please continue to contribute to the Abu Taubah Family Support and Legal Fund online (enter any amount for Khutbah price):

or by sending checks/money orders payable to:

Makeen Abdus-Salaam
8583 Lake Winddham Ave
Orlando, FL 32829USA 

Or electronic bank transfers to:

Bank: Wells Fargo Bank NA
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA 94104
Account Name: The FIKS
ACCT: 2120911090

Send letters or cards of support to assure Abu Taubah that he and his family are not forgotten in your duas:

Marcus Robertson #201100011051
John Polk Correctional Facility
Seminole County
211 Bush Blvd
Sanford, FL 32773

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