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Let it be documented in history
Every shameful act
Every bit of racism
That America has

Let every eye that cried
And every tear that dropped
Be documented on your shameful pages

Let every sigh of oppression
Every exhale of depression
That America caused
Mingle with high winds
And twirl around
Sweeping everything in its path

america never was I proud of you
My country
With your many shameful acts
Your lynching, your sadistic control
Beyond reason
Your inequality in religion and race
Your double standards in freedom of speech

Every tree that grew on your land
Was watered from evaporated tears

And your eagles that soar high in the sky
Resting on your magnificent mountains
Mumble words of disappointment
And burry their faces from disgrace

And your stars that are embedded
On your flag
March with no dignity at night

You have done so much injustice in your land
Uncivilized acts of discrimination
Targeting Muslims
Treating them in such inhumane ways
As if you swore on

The abuse of your power has gone too far
Innocent young Muslims
Lie all day staring at the ceiling
In a 6x9foot cells

I die many times at night
My soul rises from grief
To be returned in the morning
Still in shock
What america
My own country has done
And a million more

By ©Laila Yaghi©



Find out more here about Ziyad Yaghi’s case and what you can do to help a mother and son and others like them in their struggle for justice.


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We Try to Stand

Sometimes we fall
Slam hard onto the ground
From the pangs of life
And for every drop of tear
And every piercing scream
There is an eye that is watching
From afar
Many times we experience injustice
That makes one convulse from pain
But we forget that there is only
One who controls all affairs
The Judge of all the judges
And hence He is the All Knowing
And All Seeing
He can see the injustices that are going on
He is capable of flipping the world upside down
In a blink of an eye
Just as the heavens and earth were created
In the utmost fashion and design
And how the day and the night
Mathematically with no mistake
Coupled with a magnificent sun
And a glorious moon
Stars that spread across a darkened sky
Know that there is no mistake
That there is a higher being
Thus called the Almighty God
A perfection of creation
No man can simulate

Justice is a virtue
That my country no longer holds

Don’t rely on humans
They will ultimately fail you
Grandness will over take them

Distraught by grievance one might forget
And turn to humans who ultimately misunderstand
I cry the tears of Jacob
But am always judged
Every tear that drops
Does not go unnoticed by God
So to God only complain
Cause he won’t turn away
He is The Patient
The Majestic, The Loving, The All Knowing
And Wise

By Laila Yaghi the Mother of Ziyad Yaghi 


Help dry the tears of a mother and do what you can for the
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And do not forget him & his family in your dua.

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Invisible Tears

My tears flow inwardly so no one can see
The immense pain that has become of me
I dare not complain then must I annoy
Someone who is enjoying his or her life
Can the one who is alive feel with the dead?
And the one who rides the cold and quivers through the night
Is equal to one who is lying warm in bed?
My tears flow inwardly so no one can see
And my cries are mistaken with laughter and smiles
Like a clown that has a smile drawn on her mask
But no one knows what lies beneath that mask
My tears flow inwardly so no one can see
And seep through my veins then mix with my blood
I wait patiently for the night to come
Then hide between my blankets and pray through the night

I doze for a moment and dream of my son
Then reality kicks in and the nightmares begin
My soul then curses all who had caused
My son to be taken…. away from me


By ©Laila Yaghi©

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Nothing Seems to Change

The sun shines on the same roof top year after year
And the moon that steals its light from the sun
Absorbs it with greed
Afar one can hear the waves slapping the shore
And the boy sits in his cell
Not hearing a sound
Not even the trees that sway in the wind

Not a drop of rain is felt on his head
Nor the sound of crickets when he lies in bed

Afar the ones who created the rules
Are playing with their children not caring a bit
A barbaric system that feeds on the poor
And innocent

I hurt… I cry…I lay motionless in bed
And the people on top
Don’t care
Of the suffering of the innocent
As long as it is..NOT THEM

©Laila Yaghi©



Before We Return to Dust

Before we return to dust
Let us shed more blood
Our thirsty need for injustice
Hate crimes and even love
We forget that we someday will return
To dust

The particles of dust
That’s been reincarnated
Travel upwards
Into the noses of the killers
………The tyrants
…………..The thieves
……………….The cowards
……The unjust judges
………..That see the truth
But hide behind their coward
………..Shadows Read the rest of this entry »


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The Chair and its Therapeutic Rock

The Chair has bared so many sighs
And soaked in its cushion so many tears
That has flowed from time to time in many years
Since the Chair has come to our possession

Do you remember Chair my son Ziyad?
How I used to rock him in our lap
Singing him lullabies to help him sleep

I felt your heart Chair even though you’re not human
But your heart seemed to feel real more than any human
I could feel you sigh with me when I sighed
And then you began to rock me when I cry

I rocked my son while you rocked me simultaneously
And with your wooden arms you used to caress my arms

Now Chair my son grew and sat in your lap
And you’ve rocked him and heard his sighs and soaked his tears
But Chair you saw how sweet and child like is my son
Innocent, caring and loving more than any one else

And then Chair the Demons took my son and falsely accused him
Of trying to maim and hurt people abroad
You know Chair that is not my son’s attributes
You’ve rocked him and felt his breath blow on your shoulders
And soaked his tears caused by injustices… within you
You heard his thoughts and know who he is

One tries to visit family members and get married
Has been pulled from the comfort of his home unjustly

Oh God almighty I beseech you with all your might
To free my son and hurt all who have caused this nightmare

Now Chair has become old… so soaked with a mother’s tears
Its therapeutic rock is no longer a solace to her heart

©Laila Yaghi©


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