Worrying Trend of Abuse in UK Category A Prison HMP Belmarsh

19 Jul


Michael Adebolajo a Muslim inmate at notorious prison HMP Belmarsh has been reported by news outlets and the prison service to have received injuries requiring immediate medical attention.

The prison service said the attack occurred on Wednesday 17 July but otherwise refused to confirm reports that Adebolajo had suffered injuries to his mouth or that he had been singled out for attack by prison officers.

A spokeswoman for the prison service said:

“The police are investigating an incident that took place at HMP Belmarsh on 17 July. It would be inappropriate to comment while the investigation [is] ongoing.”

While a Met Police spokesman said:

“We can confirm an allegation of assault was passed to us on July 17 by Belmarsh Prison.”

However the BBC reported that Adebolajo, 28, was receiving medical treatment after having lost two teeth in the brutal attack by prison service staff.

This is not the first time Belmarsh has been in the spotlight for it’s staff’s abuse and mistreatment of prisoners. In January 2005 epileptic Godfrey Moyo, 25, who was on remand, died after being restrained face down on the floor of his cell where he was left bound for twenty minutes after having suffered a seizure.

The tragic death of Moyo is not the only fatality to have occurred at one of Britain’s most notorious prisons, dubbed Britain’s Guantanamo, a 2011 report revealed that four people died at Belmarsh prison in the previous year alone. Inquests into the deaths of inmates have taken up to three years to conduct, and currently there are eight deaths which occurred in Belmarsh awaiting investigation, dating as far back as 2008.

Abuse by the Prison Service regarding the Disability Discrimination Act have also occurred and it is apparent that the Prison Service has systematically demonstrated a lack of compassion, discriminatory treatment of disabled persons, and neglect of disabled persons with regards both the law and human decency.

A report conducted in January of this year found that the medical conditions in Belmarsh were “below par” and several severely mentally ill inmates, in dire need of specialised care have been waiting for more than a year for adequate care conditions.

It is believed that Adebolajo was attacked when warders attempted to “restrain him”, this does not seem to be an isolated incident as there have been previous allegations that Belmarsh’s Dedicated Search Team (DST) conducted aggravated assaults, both physical and sexual in nature upon prisoners resulting in both physical and psychological damage. One such attack was the 12th January assault on the handicapped Shaikh Abu Hamza al-Misri by a group of prison staff.

Whether the recent attack on Adebolajo is resultant of a climate of abuse which is systemic in nature and general to all inmates, or is targeted against Muslims and other minorities alone, is presently indeterminable, however the events of July 17 leave another black mark on the already ill reputed record of the prison service and HMP Belmarsh.

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