Chauncey Lamont Hawkins: July 17th, 2013 (The Expansive Umbrella of Conspiracy)

18 Jul

Assalamualikum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

Alhumdulillahi wassalaatu wassalaam ala rasulillah wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa ajmaeen

My brothers and sisters in Islam, first and foremost I want to start with alll praises due to Allah subhana wa ta’ala, Lord of the Mighty Throne. May peace and blessings be on the Messenger of Allah, his family, his companions, and those who follow their way until the Day of Judgement.

First I wanted to express my gratitude for everyone’s patience through the duration of this amazing trial that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has placed on me and my family. I know many of you had concerns, and I would like to apologize first and foremost for the delay because my family and I are very very grateful for all of the support from around the world. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala reward you all immensely.

As many of you may know, my court date was scheduled for the 15th, which is close to the 16th, which is the following day, and Alhumdulillah, QadrAllah Mashafa Allah, we are in a state of gratitude for which many of you brothers and sisters are not aware of. Also I want to explain in detail the charges I was charged with in the federal indictment in the eastern district of North Carolina. I was charged with conspiring to posses with the intent to distribute one or more kilo of heroin.

Now Allah subhana wa ta’ala is a Witness over all things; this is something that me and my family hold very very dear to our hearts in understanding that the way things are decreed for the Muslim, it is incumbent upon us to accept it, regardless of how horrific things may seem.

For many of you who don’t understand or aren’t aware of what a conspiracy is, it doesn’t mean you actually did it, it just means you conspired to do something. Mathalan, for example, if someone were to call you on the phone and make statements in regards of engaging you in some form of an illegal act, the moment that you answer that person’s questions or answer that person in general, you automatically fall underneath this umbrella of ‘conspiracy’.  It means at that point you are conspiring to join that individual who called you to do something illegal.

So in my case, back in 2008, before Islam, Alhumdulillah, I was affiliated- not even affiliated, I don’t want to say that, but some individuals had crossed my path who were interested at one point in the music business. And at some point these individuals called me in regards to something that was totally away from the lifestyle and the life that I was living. The fact that I responded to these individuals, placed me under the umbrella of ‘conspiracy’.

Therefore, after these individuals were apprehended by the United States government, they chose to implicate me in their situation and also implicated me in having a leadership role knowing that my involvement was very very minute and limited. But because of the way the United States government works, they used the information of the informant to come up with an elaborate story to make me look like I had a leadership role in the ‘conspiracy’.

[end of phone time]

Assalamualikum warahmatullah, excuse me for the interruption. As I was saying, these individuals, in their very very evil ways had conducted a whole array of different crimes that destroyed a lot of lives today in North Carolina. And by my mere, very mere and minute correspondence, placed me under the radar of this whole conspiracy.

Many of you are aware of when I accepted the religion of Islam, I left behind many things. I share these things in my talks as far as my life in the music industry. I was born on the streets of Harlem, just being exposed to some of these things, it started with people with emptiness, it came with success, it was easy for me to abstain from these things because of the difficulty that I faced with many things in my life. this was why I was able to submit to the Will of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and follow the sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, sallahhu alihi wassalam.

And the reason for avoiding any dialog regarding the case is because of the sensitivity of the matter; the position I was placed in it was very much incumbent upon me to remain quiet until I understood fully first and foremost the severity of what I was involved in or the severity of what I was being accused of being involved in.

Of course, naturally my first approach was to take the case to trial, but because of the morals of the people who collectively united against me to try to alleviate or lighten their own sentences for the crimes they committed, these individuals basically collectively got together to try to throw me in the situation where I was the leader or primary motivator behind this whole ‘conspiracy’ which is extremely far from the truth.

Because I also possessed a prior criminal history, basically I was convicted of a felony at the age eighteen in 1993, and I was also convicted of a felony 2006. So with the two felonies and trying to take this case to trial and fight against the United States government and a whole list of informants who all collectively tried to turn against me and give me a leadership role in a conspiracy that had nothing to do with me.

If I had gone to trial or made a decision to go to trial with the two prior convictions I would be looking at life in prison, mandatory, meaning life my entire life in prison with no hope parole or anything. So based on that, I was pressured into a situation where I had to accept responsibility for this minor role that fell under the umbrella of conspiracy and at that point the charge carried 10 years to life.

So my court date prior to the one on the 16th, I had to accept responsibility for something I really had no dealings with and was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make in my life. And for the sake of not risking going against the United States government and its whole list of informants and evil individuals who committed these crimes and did not want to uphold their actions tried to turn around and implicate me in their situation, I was forced to accept responsibility from them for things I had no dealings with. And like I said, at that point the charges were 10 years to life, versus going to trial and possibly losing and getting mandatory life.

On the 16th , this [recent] court date was actually a sentencing for that, my presentencing report game back and my criminal guidelines were 135 months to 158 months which is like 11 and a half years to 14 years. My attorneys, who were very good attorneys, fought to get the statutory minimal which was ten years which was the least [sentence] I could obtain through the whole duration of this lengthy trial. And unfortunately the judge chose to take the higher end of my criminal guidelines, which was 158 months.

So on July 16th I was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison but because of time I’ve already been incarcerated, which is 20 months, I’m only obliged to serve only 85% of the 14 year sentence, which would be around 11 years and some months, minus 20 months that I’ve been incarcerated. minus a year for completing a program then being released for six months in a halfway house, leads roughly 8 and half years.

So eventually I will have to serve 8 and half years in federal prison and the reason why I say Alhumdulillah is because when I entered the situation, I was oblivious to first why I was even arrested, why I was even stopped in Belgium, why, why, why. By being patient and being steadfast in my ibadat, and constantly seeking refuge in Allah subhana wa ta’ala, gradually things started to come into the light. By praying istikhara through the duration of every decision I’ve made, that lead to the conclusion of the decree of Allah subhana wa ta’ala that I was sentenced to 14 years of which I’ll only have to serve Inshallah eight and half years  .

The reason why my family and I are so grateful, first and foremost I praise Allah subhana wa ta’ala for making this trial easy for us in ways that I cant really explain, its amazing. Then Allah subhana wa ta’ala also had brought into our lives many brothers and sisters from around the world, so many that I can’t even count. May Allah subhana wa ta’ala reward you all for your prayer and supplication and charity and all the good. My family and I are truly grateful to Allah subhana wa ta’ala for the supprot from our brothers and sister from all around the world.

And once again the reason why I say Alhumdulillah, in facing this situation where the possibility is life in prison and I had never been in prison in my life. Yes, as I mentioned I had prior convictions, but Alhumdulillah I was able to be issued probation, and I completed my probation but I had never been incarcerated no longer than 1 month and a half. This has been the longest time I’ve ever been incarcerated and the only time I’ve ever been incarcerated. But to be looking at a situation where you may never see daylight again, never be able to be with your family, never be able to spend that time with your companions, visit your brothers and sisters, all the type of things that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has allowed me to do these past four and a half years that I’ve been Muslim… it’s a very very very difficult situation to be facing.

And then, as I failed to mention, going into the sentencing because of my prior convictions there was a fear of me being charged as a career offender. Basically saying that this was my whole career. You look at a felony that was committed in 1993 for which the statutory limit is 15 years, so it can be used, but there is another one in 2006, the United States government is in a position where they could have used both of these felonies, in a way saying these two felonies plus this case would make you a career criminal. Basically saying that my whole life my whole career was a drug dealer. And that being said, I would have been sentenced to a minimum of 25 years.

Only from my presentencing to come back that I wasnt a career offender, that my guidelines were 135 months to 158 months. Brothers and sisters I would like…

[end of phone]


Assalamualikum wa rahmatullah

Continuing from where I left off, like I said, I ask that all of you, Alhumdulillah, may Allah reward you all, to continue to pray and make dua for my family and I, and that Allah subhana wa ta’ala continues to gradually remove this burden, and give to you the understanding once again conspiracy, in the depth and detail of a conspiracy charge in that anything that falls under that umbrella of conspiracy, you can be held accountable in the court of law in the United States government.Like I said, being faced with the situation where you could receive life imprisonment, being narrowed down to the possibility of 25 years or more, down to the 11 years, at this point, and Allah is the Best of Planners, as of now, to fourteen years of prison of which I Inshallah will only have to serve 8 and half years,

Because also the severity of the situation, having myself to understand the severity of the situation I was facing, basically for introducing one individual to another individual, was enough to put me in a situation where I fell under the conspiracy, and once these individuals were incarcerated, some of them received life sentences, some of them received 20 or 30 year sentences, in order to save themselves, they turned around and said, “Loon was the guy who was supplying us, Loon was the guy who was doing this…” so forth and so on.

QadrAllah, I accept what Allah has decreed, and I’ve been very  focused on all of the good thats been transcended through the duration of the time that I’ve been incarcerated these 20 months, and through the duration of this time nothing has stopped me from worshiping Allah subhana wa ta’ala, nothing has stopped me from inviting the people to alIslam, nothing has stopped from playing a role in my family, nothing has stopped me from being a husband to my wife, nothing has stopped me from being a father to my children, nothing has stopped from being a servant of the Most Merciful,

So I was in a situation where I was faced with two evils, and I accepted the lesser evil, and that was to accept responsibility for the situation that I played no significant role in, but based on the elaborate scheme that the United States government put together in accordance with the informants and evil people, may Allah guide them or destroy them, falls down to your brother in Islam having to accept a plea to being sentenced to 14 years, of which Bi’ithnillah I only have to serve 8 and a half years,

So once again I would like to express my gratitude to Allah subhana wa ta’ala for making this journey a benefit, in this life and hopefully in the next, and also for bringing the Muslims together to aid a Muslim in a time of hardship, may Allah subhana wa ta’ala reward you all. And I ask that you continue to pray and supplicate for my family, that Allah subhana wa ta’ala gives them the strength to continue on. Alhumdulillah Allah subhana wa ta’ala has blessed me with a beautiful family. My family has taken this situation extremely well, they have accepted the decree of Allah subhana wa ta’ala and we’ve all remained very firm and steadfast, and I ask you all to continue to pray and ask Allah subhana wa ta’ala to continue to give us strength when we are weak and continue to give us knowledge when we are ignorant, and continues to increase us in Imaan and Taqwa and increase us in Patience, and gratitude,

Inshallah ta’ala I hope this is sufficient for everyone who is concerned, may Allah bless you all, may Allah reward you all and your families, and Inshallah ta’ala I will continue like I mentioned in my last talk, I will continue my efforts to do Da’wah, I will continue the completion of writing my book, I will continue to do all the good things that Allah subhana wa ta’ala has placed in my life, and Allah subhana wa ta’ala will continue test me and test us all until we return to Him. I’m very grateful that I’ve had strength, I’m not depressed, and I will never despair of the Mercy of Allah subhana wa ta’ala because He is the Most Merciful.

So I ask you brothers ans sisters, do not worry, but just remain firm, and also try to obtain all the benefits of this holy month of Ramadan, because our fasting and praying for Allah subhana wa ta’ala eventually leads to extreme ease, and makes my acceptance of anything Allah decrees for me and my family easier.



Barakallahu feekum

Assalamualikum warahmatullahi wabarkatuhu


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  1. Ghaliyaa Haq

    September 16, 2013 at 7:59 am

    His new address:

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