Fulan: 2010 (A Witness & A Call)

19 May

A Witness and a Call

From your imprisoned brothers in the Guantanamo of Britain (Belmarsh Prison)
To the Muslims all over the World:

This is the second letter in which we describe to you the oppression we experience at the hands of the British, as a result of what you know of the policies of this country and its engagement in all forms of oppression as done by other countries like Israel and US against the Muslims, but (this oppression is done) in a manner that fools the weak and simple minded.

We had mentioned to you before that the situation here in Belmarsh is akin, without any difference except in its portrayal from that which occurs to your Muslim brothers in Guantanamo, and their newspapers, and some of the more truthful journalists testify to this; but the government tries to conceal all this from the media and strives to do as it wishes in a secretive manner.

When the government began to find out that the knowledge of its oppression had begun to leak into the public domain it brought a TV crew which began to take photos of Belmarsh prison which had become a source of shame for it, like Guantanamo became a shame on US, in an attempt to enhance its image. It further took photos of some of the short term benefits, such as the provision of good food and interviewed some of the prisoners who were benefiting from some of these benefits, and likewise photographed some of activities that occur within the prison, making the prison out to be a paradise that someone outside it would desire.

Frankly, your brothers here didn’t know of this deception that was happening in this land, nay, they thought it was restricted to our home lands, but it became clear that all the lies that are told in our lands, were taken and derived from the policies of this country and its government.

The situation of your brothers has become unacceptably bad, for some of your brothers almost lost their minds, and others have begun to suffer from psychological diseases. This is not as a result of nothing; rather this was a pre-planned evil and malevolent policy to cause your brothers to reach these levels.

We had previously informed you of the issue of the food provided, and your brothers still do not eat the meat that is offered to them, as the prison administration had confessed that it was providing non-halal meat for over a year, it still lies about this, and we have documentation that proves this. This was a shock that gave them much grief!

Attempts at humiliating your brothers and destroying them still take place, and the most crucial and dangerous of them, are the continuous attempts at searching your brothers and causing them to undress in every movement they do; even when they are visited by their families, and they perform this in a sadistic manner that is no less than what you hear from what their soldiers do in Iraq. In fact, some brothers have begun to have severe hallucinations that the prison guards here wish for him evil in doing this (i.e. undressing them) from those things that they do to each other without shame (i.e. homosexuality) and they know its severity and brutality upon the Muslims.

Our brothers:

Your obligation is to know that this state has tried to improve its image with Muslims in recent periods, and this was after appalling investigations conducted by advisors and monitors were given to the government, especially after it learnt that what it does to the Muslims does not bring her any benefit except vacating its hatred on us. By the grace of Allah, many Muslims know that this state is at the forefront of showing enmity to the Muslims alongside other nations, seeing that over three-thousand Muslims have been stopped by the police under the pretext of terrorism, and a Lord with a Muslim background admitted that [he] was stopped three times, so what of someone other than him? What we mention here is a witness and a call to you, that the reality has not changed, for they are ongoing in their plans to destroy the minds of your brothers.

The undressing of your brothers here, and their insistence on it is a calculated policy by which they wish that the imprisoned Muslims attain diseased conditions by it, and after this policy was uncovered in Iraq, it became clear that their policy is in truth one.

We write these words to bear witness and clear our consciences, and we know that there is none other than Allah that will expose it.

And Allah is our Master and Ally.

Your imprisoned Muslim brothers in the Guantanamo of Britain

Belmarsh Prison,

This letter was received by the Islamic Observation Centre in 2010, from behind the bars of Belmarsh high-security Prison in Britain.

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