Zachary Adam Chesser: May 5, 2013 (It is The Name by which Tribulations are Dispelled…)

06 May

BismIllaah ir-Rahmaan ir-Rahiim:

I had recently set out on the task of translating the book Fat’h ul-Majiid by ‘Abd ur-Rahmaan ibn Hasan, which is the most famous explanation of Muhammad ibn ‘Abd il-Wahhaab’s book Kitaab ut-Tawhiid; however, I recently learned that this book has already been translated. I found this very strange, because I have never seen it in a catalog, and this book is too popular to be so obscure, but Allaah decrees whatever He wills, and only He knows why this is. Thus, I have stopped this project, but there are still some benefits I hope to share from this effort, in shaa-Allaah. Therefore, the following article on the meaning of Allaah is mostly paraphrased from this work and a bit of it is taken from other works I have studied.

The Meaning of Allaah

Linguistically, Allaah is derived from the word “Al-Ilaah,” according to the most popular opinion. This means that it means, “The One Who is Ma-luuh.” “Ma-luuh” means “Ma’buud (one who is worshipped).” When one says that the word “Allaah” is derived from another word, this is not to say that chronologically the other word came first, as this is not the case. Rather, this simply refers to grammatical terminology dealing with the relation of words.

A Marfuu’ report from Abu Sa’iid il-Khudri tells us that Maryam sent ‘Isa (‘alayhum as-salaam) to a writing instructor to have him teach ‘Isa. The teacher told him, “Write: ‘BismIllaah.'” So ‘Isa said, “Do you know what Allaah is? Allaah is the Ilaah of all gods (Aalihah).” (At-Tabari)

As for its deeper meanings, then Ibn ul-Qayyim (rahimahUllaah) said, “As for its special characteristics related to its meaning, then the most knowledgeable of creation (regarding Him) (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said, ‘I cannot enumerate Your praise; You are as You have praised yourself.’

“Afterall, how is it possible that we enumerate the special characteristics of a Name by which every perfection in its entirety, every compliment and praise, every extolment and honor, every glorification and completion, every supremacy and every beauty, every good and favor is known? And generosity, grace and kindness are all for it and from it.

“So this Name has never been mentioned in something small, except that it increased it; nor during fear, except that it removed it; nor during anguish, except that it dispelled it; nor during worry or grief, except that it eased it; nor during tightness, except that it was loosened.

“Never did any weak person cling to it, except that it benefitted him with strength; nor one who was humiliated, except that it caused him to attain honor; nor one who was impoverished, except that it made him rich; nor one who was estranged, except that it brought him friendship; nor one who was overwhelmed, except that it strengthened him and brought him victory; nor one who was coerced, except that it dispelled his coercion; nor any homeless vagabond, except that it sheltered him.

“For it is the Name by which the tribulations are dispelled, the blessings are brought down, the supplications are answered, errors are corrected, sins are pushed back, and good deeds are won.

“And it is the Name by which the heavens and the earth were sustained, the Books were descended, the Messengers were sent, the laws were legislated, the limits established, Jihaad was ordained, the creation was divided into felicitous and forsaken, the Reality (the Day of Judgment) became true, and the Great Occurrence (the Resurrection) came about.

“And with it, the Scales of Justice were set down and the Siraat was erected; and with it, the markets of the Garden and the Fire were established; with it, the Lord of all that exists was worshipped and praised; and by its right, the Messengers were sent; and regarding it are the questioning in the grave and on the Day of Resurrection; disputes are by it and judgments are upon it; alliance and enmity are for its sake; and by it, those who know it became happy and established its right; and by it, those who were ignorant of it became wretched and abandoned its right.

“For it is the secret of the creation and the command. They were established and affirmed by it, and unto it is their finality. Thus, the creation is by it, to it and because of it. Therefore, no creation, nor command, nor reward, nor punishment existed, but that it began from it and ended unto it. And that is what is obligated and decreed for it in the meaning of the verse:

{Our Lord! You have not created this in falsehood. You are exalted above any imperfection, so save us from the punishment of the Fire}
(Aal ‘Imraan, 3:191).”

Brothers and sisters, this is your Lord. He is Allaah. No matter how much you contemplate upon His Most Beautiful Names and Attributes, you will never come close to being able to properly praise Him. Even the Prophet (sallAllaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said he cannot enumerate Allaah’s praise. We should never lose sight of this, in shaa-Allaah. When you become immersed in the study of this or that aspect of the faith, or this or that act of worship, never forget that the Face of Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta’alaa) is your true objective. Thus, we must all contemplate on our Lord, that which He has bestowed on us, that which He has created, His signs, His Names and His Attributes.

When one truly reflects on Allaah, they will see that He is Al-Waduud (the Loving), so they will want to earn His love and they will love Him. They will see that He is Ar-Rahmaan (the All-Merciful), so they will realize that not only are their lives filled with His Mercy, but they will feel a great yearning to receiving His unlimited Mercy in the Hereafter. They will see that He is Al-Qadiir (the All-Powerful), so they will fear what He can do to them if they disobey Him, and they will never lose hope in Him in the most difficult situations, because they know that He has the power to get them through their trials.

He is the only one that we worship, and worship of Him is our only objective. We eat, drink, sleep, marry, have children, and do all of our deeds for His sake. We abstain from whatever He has prohibited, because legislation is His right alone. We know that whatever He has said is good is good and whatever He said is bad is bad. Our love, hope and fear are all directed to Him. Our du’a is all directed to Him, and Him alone.

Brothers and sisters, let us reflect on our Lord, subhaanahu wa ta’alaa.

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2 responses to “Zachary Adam Chesser: May 5, 2013 (It is The Name by which Tribulations are Dispelled…)

  1. Fulan

    May 7, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    “For it is the Name by which the tribulations are dispelled, the blessings are brought down, the supplications are answered, errors are corrected, sins are pushed back, and good deeds are won.”

    Subhan Allah!

  2. abusuraqah

    May 7, 2013 at 9:11 pm

    Reblogged this on gitmonorth.


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