Chauncey Lamont Hawkins: March 25, 2013 (And Certainly, We Shall Test You…)

25 Mar

All praise is due to Allah, and the Salaat and Salaam be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and his companions.

AsSalaamu Alaykum wa RahmatuAllah wa Barakatu, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

May this letter reach you in the best state of Emaan, Taqwa, Patience and Gratitude. May Allah (the Most High) forgive all your sins, and may He (the Most High) reward you for all your good deeds done solely for His pleasure. Ameen.

First, I wanna say JazakumAllah Khayran for all your du’a, your prayers and your charity. May Allah (the Most High) make your good deeds heavy on your scales on the Day of Judgement. Ameen. May Allah tabaraka wa ta’ala bless you, your families, your health, your wealth and your food. Ameen!

Allah (the Most High) says in his glorious book, “And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirun (the patient). (Surah Al-Baqarah: 155)

My brothers and sisters, Allah explains in His Book that He will test His slaves with fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits. And He starts by saying, “And certainly,” which means that the believers will certainly be tested by that which Allah Wills. But He (the Most High) concludes the ayat by giving the glad tidings to those who are Patient.

So what we should take from this great ayat is that Allah subhana wa ta’ala will certainly place His servants in some sort of trial that will test our Emaan, and challenge us in our worldly affairs. But for those who endure these calamities with Patience, Allah (the Most High) gives the glad tidings of paradise to whomever He chooses. And I pray Allah (the Most High) makes us from those who are Patient, and from those who by His Mercy earn the glad tidings of Paradise. Ameen.

As many of you may know BarakAllahu Feekum, I have been incarcerated for over a year now. Awaiting my trial which is scheduled for April insha’Allah [UPDATE: postponed until July 15th]. And by the Mercy of Allahu ta’ala I’ve been able to reflect on many Blessings Allah (the Most High) has bestowed upon me and my family. And the greatest Blessing of them all, was guiding my family and I, into the fold of Islam. And 2nd, was guiding us to the Sunnah of Muhammad (may peace be upon him).

And the reason why I mentioned these great Blessings, is to remind myself and you my dear brothers and sisters, that by the Mercy of Allah we were chosen to be servants of the Creator of the Heavens and Earth and everything in between. And by His (the Most High) Mercy we are Muslims. Meaning, the one who submits to the Will of Allah. And unfortunately, many of us take this great Bessing for granted. Allah Musta’an.

But my dear brothers and sisters BarakAllahu feekum, as I mentioned in the beginning of this letter, my gratitude is to Allah (the Most High), then to you for all your support during this time of trial. But know my brothers and sisters, I pray for you as well. And I ask Allah (the Most High) to increase you in Emaan and Taqwa, in Patience and Gratitude, and may He (the Most High) make your hearts firm upon Islam. And may Allah subhana wa ta’ala increase you in obedience to Him, remembrance of Him, and most IMPORTANTLY, worship to Him. Ameen!

I love y’all for the sake of Allah’s Pleasure,

your brother,
Amir Junaid- Hawkins

Chauncey Hawkins #360281
New Hanover County Detention Facility
3950 Juvenile Center Road
Castle Hayne, NC 28429

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