Take Time for Abu Taubah: Support the ‘Glimpses of Qur’an’ Campaign

13 Jan

We Praise Allah and are pleased to announce Mercy Mission’s special release of ‘Glimpses of Qur’an: Imam Abu Taubah’s highly acclaimed 30-part series on the relevance of Qur’an in daily life.

The Official Release of Glimpses of Quran

Glimpses of Quran (pictured above is not actual box set; actual product will vary)

This limited-time offer not only features the beloved Ustadh reviewing the essence of each juz in his distinctly straightforward manner, but showcases a valuable opportunity to support Abu Taubah and his family.

With the sudden arrest of Abu Taubah in 23 August 2011, his twelve young children and wives were flung into a world of uncertainty. Struggling not only with the indefinite detention of the Imam characterised by the spectre of wildly fabricated charges, the family can barely cope with the astronomical legal costs of defending Abu Taubah’s innocence in addition to maintaining the everyday needs of an extraordinarily special family.

With the purchase of this box set, one can contribute directly to Abu Taubah’s support fund and simultaneously support the dawah that the Imam dedicated his scholarly life to. But the benefits of seeking knowledge while helping the prisoners does not stop here; in order to reap a greater reward of this exciting opportunity, please share the ‘Glimpses of Quran‘ Campaign with friends, family, fellow students, and community members.

If you wish to contribute directly to the fund, please see here. Remember to always keep Abu Taubah and his family in and your duas, and don’t forget to write to him to lend him your support and share insights about the DVD box set you just bought:

Marcus Robertson #201100011051
John Polk Correctional Facility
Seminole County
211 Bush Blvd
Sanford, FL 32773
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