The Family of Abu Qatada: What these Idiotic Demonstrators and Journalists Do Not Realise

27 Dec

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

All praise belongs to Allah, Lord of the worlds; may peace blessings be upon Muhammad, the Trustworthy, and upon his family and companions.

British press misinformation about us has abounded, and the oppressive practices of the British government have escalated requiring that we reveal the truth to those interested.

Our father was the only one jailed; however, currently our whole family has become restricted through the mutually agreed practices of the British press and Home Office. The despicable and galling press began making phone calls to our landlord and camped outside his house until he was forced to evict us through the courts. The courts also ordered us to pay his lawyer’s fees even though we had not attended the hearing and did not know what had transpired during it. The press would stand outside the house and incite passers-by to harass us and sign petitions to get us evicted. They would do the same thing with our neighbours.


This incitement encouraged racist pressure groups in Britain to hold demonstrations outside the house on a weekly basis between four in the afternoon and eleven in the evening. These demonstrators would scream and curse at us and at Islam. With the court decision, we were evicted from the house and the Home Office prepared to find us another house. This was not done voluntarily or out of goodness; to the contrary it was out of malevolence. They refused to tell us where the house would be. We had requested somewhere close to the children’s Islamic schools, however we were told nothing about the house until we were taken there. Only then did discover that it was double the distance to the schools and that it was too small for the number of us that there are. Nevertheless, as a form of incitement against us, the dishonest press claims that the new house is better than the previous one. However, due to its distance, some of us are still unable to attend school. As for the condition of the house on the inside, God knows how small and filthy it is, and were it not for modesty, we would go into the matter in more detail.

What makes the malevolence of the situation worse is that they have mounted locks on the entrances to the house which can only be opened by them, and it is as though we have all now been imprisoned. What happened in the old house has now happened here in regard to the press inciting the neighbours, passers-by and racist pressure groups.

The way in which the Home Office expelled us amounted to an explicit invitation to the press to learn where we are and allow them to continue their harassment of us. What these idiotic demonstrators and journalists do not realise is that we have asked the British government to allow us to leave the UK for a third country; somewhere other than Jordan or the UK. However they refused and said they would fight to prevent us from leaving Britain to anywhere except a prison in Jordan. Let no one be under the impression that we want to stay here after having suffered so much.

Suffice it to say that a police guard has been stationed in front of the house to scrutinise everything that goes on inside while the rules prohibit them from allowing entry to anyone other than themselves and the lawyers. The scrutiny does not even stop when we ourselves would like to go into the house and we are stopped outside and asked for our identities before being allowed in. We have asked to be allowed to move to a house of our choice, however the request was rejected except on condition that we inform the landlord of whom we are and what our circumstances are beforehand. This is alongside the numerous threatening messages we receive from various quarters.

We will persistently continue to try to leave this country for one that will bring us security in our religion. We believe that the mercy of God the Most High is currently more encompassing for us obtaining this following the blessed revolutions in Islamic states.

–The Family of Abu Qatada, 21 December 2012

Read this letter in Arabic.

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