Tariq Mehanna: One Year Later

21 Dec

December 20th was the one year anniversary since Tariq Mehanna’s unjust conviction.

My CellIt’s a good time to think about Tariq; think about the outrageous government conduct during his 8 week trial; think about the inspiring and challenging words he spoke during his sentencing; think about the conditions in the Communications Management Unit he is being held in; and think about how much it means for him to hear from you.

Tariq took a stand against the most powerful government in the world, and they couldn’t break him. They couldn’t make him become an informant, though they tried hard. They couldn’t make him take a plea deal, though it would reduce his sentence down to under a decade. They couldn’t make him express regret during his sentencing. Facing a potential life in prison, Tariq instead unflinchingly indicted the US government for its rampant colonialism, imperialism, and war crimes. Nothing the government offered Tariq could make him turn his back on his convictions or his community.

As the buzz of the trial fades and we move into the long haul, it’s important to show Tariq that he isn’t fading from our minds. Please take a few moments every month to show Tariq he continues to be in your heart by writing him, even a short note.

Tariq Mehanna (# 05315-748)
Terre Haute CMU
P.O. Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808
In solidarity,

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2 responses to “Tariq Mehanna: One Year Later

  1. tHis tWisted yOuth

    December 21, 2012 at 8:51 pm

    I do not know enough about this, but it does seem unjust.

    This article seems to explain some of it, perhaps if other people post supporting links this will help show understanding and spread awareness also..


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