Dua Needed for Homaidan al-Turki Parole Hearing

20 Dec

homaidan-al-turkiPlease keep Brother Homaidan al-Turki, founder of Al-Basheer Publications, in your dua as his parole hearing is this month.

He has already served five and a half years behind bars for fabricated charges and it is possible he may be released early as his sentenced was reduced to eight years and has a record of exceptional behaviour.

In August an appeals court in Colorado had overruled the prosecution’s request to raise the original sentence of 28 years in prison to a life term for an accusation for which there was no evidence or witnesses.

The Saudi Ph.D student’s sentence was reduced to eight years after his lawyers sent an appeal to the court to revise the sentence after discovering a legal error in the 28-year sentence passed by a judge at the Arapahoe County District Court. The then district attorney ruled that the judge presiding over the case was only allowed to issue a sentence between four and 12 years. Since the sentence was more than doubled, he was permitted a second hearing.

Al-Turki’s lawyers have presented documents and supporting letters requesting the case be dropped or the sentence reduced.

His spokesman, Fahd Al-Nassar, confirms that if the prosecution’s appeal was rejected, the defense team will be able to appeal for a further reduction of the eight years.

Al Turki’s sentence was reduced to eight years on the basis of a letter the director of the Colorado jail sent to the court praising his positive attitude during imprisonment.

The director of the jail also said that the cost of the medical treatment of Al-Turki is high and he should be sent home to receive medical care.

Al-Nassar said Al-Turki’s wife and five children are hoping for a positive outcome of the appeal and a reunion with Al-Turki after years of separation. The family has not seen him since they left the United States in 2004.

Sara Al-Khonaizan, Al-Turki’s wife, was arrested along with her husband in 2004 for overstaying her visa and was released 12 days later when her family paid her bond upon condition of never returning to the US.

Please keep him in your dua and write to him to let him know that the Muslims love him and pray for him:

Homaidan Alturki #132871
Limon Correctional Facility
49030 Colorado 71
Limon, CO 80826

Walaa Hawari: Source

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One response to “Dua Needed for Homaidan al-Turki Parole Hearing

  1. Fulan

    December 21, 2012 at 5:58 pm

    May Allah break the shackles of our imprisoned. Subhan Allah!


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