Tuesday, December 18th: Tweet to End the Torture of Sheikh Nasr al-Fahd

17 Dec

Time Your #Free_Nasr_Alfhd Tweets:

10 PM December 18th London
5 PM December 18th for New York

2 PM December 18th for Los Angeles
3:30 AM December 19th for New Delhi
2 AM December 19th for Dubai
9 AM December 19th for Sydney

Free Nasr Alfhd

Sheikh Nasr bin Hamad bin Humaym al-Fahd descends from the Farahid from the Asa’idah from the Rawaqah from Utaybah, whose ancestors go back to the tribe of Bani Sa’d ibn Bakr ibn Hawazin from ‘Adnan.

Born and raised in Riyadh, in 1992 Nasr al-Fahd graduated from Imam University, College of Shariah in Riyadh at the age of 23 and was appointed as a dean of the College of Usul ad-Din; Department of ‘Aqidah and Contemporary Ideologies. He continued in this post until he was arrested in 1994 and imprisoned until his release and suspension from the university in November 1997.

Sheikh Nasr al-Fahd was re-imprisoned in May 2003 along with two other prominent scholars, Sheikh Ali al-Khudhair and Sheikh Ahmed al-Khalidi, after the three issued a joint statement denouncing a ‘most wanted’ list of 19 men, publicised by the Saudi government.

The scholars argued that because the list was release under the banner of the American ‘War on Terror’, acting on the list provided support to American aggressions abroad and hence forbade republishing the posters or informing on the individuals pursued. Six months following their arrest, imprisonment, and torture, the three men were forced to appear on national television to publicly renounce their religious edicts under the pretence that it would ensure their release.

However, all three scholars were immediately returned to prison from where numerous letters have been smuggled out recanting their televised appearances and reveal that they were forced to make the statements under duress. To this date they remain in custody where they are continually beaten, tortured, denied medical treatment, and housed inhumanely.

In a recent event, former prisoner Sheikh Ahmad Jibril hilighted some of the brutal treatment endured by Sheikh Nasr:

His Teachers

He studied in the College under a group of teachers, the most popular of them:

Sheikh ‘Abdul-‘Aziz bin ‘Abdillah ar-Rajihi
Sheikh ‘Abdul-‘Aziz bin ‘Abdillah al-ash-Sheikh
Sheikh Salih al-Atram
Sheikh ‘Abdullah ar-Rukban
Sheikh Zayd bin Fayyad (rahimahullah)
Sheikh Ahmad Ma’bad
And many others.

His Writings

He has written many books and articles, including:

• The Choices and Opinions of Sheikh ul-Islam in Grammar and Morphology (Printed)
• The Notification of the Oppositions of (the Book) al-’Itisam (Printed)
• Establishing the Evidence for the Obligation of Breaking the False Idols
• The Clarification of the Danger of the Peace Process Against the Muslims
• The Ascertainment of the Issue of Clapping
• Notices Concerning the Books of (Hadith) Checking for Kitab at-Tawhid
• The Censure in Clarification of What the Bayan al-Muthaqqafin Contains of Falsehood
• Jarh wat Ta’dil According to Ibn Hazm adh-Dhahiri, ..etc.

And other beneficial essays and works.

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