I Am Pleased With What Allah Has Written for Me…

17 Dec


We would like to inform the brothers and sisters who follow this page of the results of Tuesday, December, 11, 2012’s court trial.

Our Sister Nim’ah was sentenced to four to eight years in prison after hours of debate from her lawyers side as well as the US attorney’s side.

And Indeed, all might and power belong with Allah the Most High and He is enough for us and is the best disposer of affairs. Sister Nim’ah stayed strong and was patient through out this ordeal, and she said from her mouth before her sentencing, “I am pleased with what Allah has written for me and keep me in your prayers”

She left that courtroom praising Allah subhanahu wa ta’alla, and she made sujud al shukr (prostration of thanks to Allah) as soon as she heard the sentencing because she knew that it could have been worse. I have never seen a strong woman of faith like Nim’ah. She made us cry tears of sadness and yet we left relieved. Only someone who knew Nim’ah on a personal level can truly appreciate her.

[And the companions of Ibn Taymiyyah used to go to visit him in the prison, while they were feeling saddened by his and their condition, and although they used to go to cheer him up they used to say that when they saw him and look at his face, full of Nur born of Sabr that they forgot all of their troubles due to observe ring the perseverance of the Shaykh with his ordeal.]

On a personal level, that day was a turning point for me because I realized that there are truly no more men left in this country if only two to four showed up for their sister. What has happened to Islam and the Muslims?

[And did not Ibn Jawzi say:

“If you are not the knights… give way to women… . Go take the braziers and kohl. O women with turbans and beards! If you are not so, then here are the horses and here are their reins. Do you know how these reins are made? They are made by women from their own hair because this is the only thing they have. The hair of women, which was kept away even from the sun, was cut because the history of love had ended… If you cannot ride these horses, take the reins because they are made of women’s hair (shu’ur) and you have no feelings (shu’ur) in your hearts.”

He then threw the reins over the heads of people and shouted:

“O pillars of the mosque, come down; o stones of the mosque, come down; o hearts, feel pain. The men have lost their manhood.

By Allah, it is true. Men have lost their manhood.”]

We love our sister and what else did we expect from an unjust court system. Please keep our sister and her family in your duas.

-Umm Abdullah, a close friend of Nim’ah
[Additional text in brackets are our insertions]


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2 responses to “I Am Pleased With What Allah Has Written for Me…

  1. ummabdulfattaah

    December 17, 2012 at 5:37 pm


    May Allah pour sabr upon them.


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