HHUGS Emergency Appeal: May “Cease to Operate in a Matter of Months”

08 Nov

Dear Donors, Supporters and Friends,

We write to you at a critical time for HHUGS. The mere survival of the charity is at risk and we require your generous support once again to ensure that the work of HHUGS does not come to an end. For this reason, we urge you to read the message below and come to our aid in this blessed month of Dhil-Hijjah.

As many of you know, the HHUGS bank account was unexpectedly closed down earlier this year without any stated reason. As a consequence of this inexplicable action, we lost all our regular standing orders that had steadily built up over the course of many years. While we were desperately trying to open a new bank account, which took a painstaking three months, our regular income had stopped altogether and donations had reduced to a trickle. Nevertheless, the work of the charity continued unabated supporting over 80 families across the country.

The closure of the previous bank account has taken a huge toll on our finances. Since the inception of the new bank account, only a small fraction of the standing orders have been reinstated by our donors.  It is important to note that the income from regular monthly standing orders is critical to every charity and is the rock on which a charity is built. It provides stability and ensures the charity’s long term survival. Without this, we have been suffering huge losses and our funds are dwindling rapidly as monthly expenditure far exceeds our income. If we continue like this, then HHUGS will cease to operate in a matter of months.   

We are currently looking at various fundraising initiatives for the coming months but we need your support TODAY, dear donors, supporters and friends. Despite all the challenges and problems facing HHUGS in an uncertain post 9/11 world, we have continued to provide essential services to desperate families impacted by the ‘War on Terror’. This has only been possible due to your donations. We do not receive any government aid or funds from wealthy individuals here or abroad unlike many other charities. It means that YOU are our blood; YOU are our oxygen; YOU are the heartbeat of HHUGS.

So we asked you for your generosity and support in the best days of the year, days of forgiveness and blessing, where the reward is multiplied manifold and surpasses that of the blessed month of Ramadhan. The Prophet (pbuh) said: “There is no deed more precious in the sight of Allah, nor greater in reward, than a good deed done during the ten days of Sacrifice.” 

We needed your help to maintain our endeavours to make Eid a joyous occasion for the families of the prisoners; a day which has become for many a painful and empty experience, marked by the absence of their loved ones. For some of our families, this Eid alAdha has been the first Eid since their loved ones were extradited to the US, deprived of the opportunity of saying goodbye and still having no news of them still one month later. Your donation, however small, can go a long way to bring some happiness to their lives.

“HHUGS bought my daughter a present for Eid. She was so happy that HHUGS got her a present. She asked who are HHUGS, I told her they help people, she was really happy. When it was next Eid she was waiting for a present from HHUGS.” (Wife of a detainee)

“Last Eid we were each sent a box of cupcakes in our own names and gifts for my sister, she used to get really excited. When you receive help when its least expected you appreciate it so much more. HHUGS have done that all the way.” (Daughter of a detainee)


Set up a Monthly Standing Order

A small but regular monthly donation started in the best ten days of the year, for as little as £10 can be enough to sustain our work.

Download, print, and sign our standing order form and scan and return it to us at or post to:

Office 36
88-90 Hatton Garden
London, EC1N 8PN

By Cheque or Postal Order

Please make monthly cheques payable to ‘HHUGS’ and send them to:

Office 36
88-90 Hatton Garden
London, EC1N 8PN

For Bank Transfers

Account Name: HHUGS
Bank: Barclays
Account Number: 73513971
Sort Code: 20-46-76
ABA Routing Code: 026002574
IBAN: IBANGB92BARC20477673513971

We thank you for your generosity and end with a beautiful reminder in the of the Prophet (pbuh):

“Whoever relieves a believer of distress in this world,
Allah will relieve him of some of the distress of the Day of Resurrection.
Whoever makes things easy for those who are in difficulty,
Allah will make things easy for him in this world and in the next.
Whoever conceals (the faults of) a Muslim in this world,
Allah will conceal him (his faults) in this world and in the Hereafter.
Allah will help the slave so long as the slave helps his brother.”

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