Shukri Abu Baker: October 30, 2012 (Nothing Can Make Me Lose Faith)

30 Oct

Friends, Salaam,

No one on Earth, and absolutely nothing can make me lose faith in God. The Supreme Court’s decision to deprive us of a fair hearing speaks volumes about the nature of our case. Rightfully so, the Court involves itself only in matters of law, not politics; therefore, I’m not disappointed.

My friends and I, in the HLF5, stand to be the only men on earth that are serving hard time for providing charitable and life-saving aid to the Palestinian population in occupied West Bank and elsewhere. We would have been hailed as American heroes had our effort gone to save the lives of stray dogs and starved cats. Apparently, some believe that the Palestinians have not yet earned the credential needed to elevate themselves to the status of abandoned animals to be worthy of being saved, loved and served.

Today, I spoke with my wife and daughters, and everyone assured me that their faith in Allah and in His promise of relief was not shaken; to the contrary, it was galvanized. And today, I stand stronger than I had ever been. I feel the pulse of my community, friends, and supporters worldwide, and I am able to comfort myself with their outpouring love. So does my family. This is why I’m saying from the deep of my heart, “Thank you.

This is not the end of our journey, though. We will press on. We will keep the torch alight. And we will prevail by the Grace, the Power and the Might of Allah.

I love you all. Cheer up. Roll up your sleeves and keep striving for JUSTICE.

-Shukri Abu Baker

Shukri Abu-Baker #32589-177
USP Terre Haute
U.S. Penitentiary
PO Box 33
Terre Haute, IN 47808
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