US Mailing Lists Updated: These are Days of Golden Oppurtunities

21 Oct

During these blessed ten days of Dhul Hijj, we strive to weigh down our scales with that which is pleasing to our Lord.

An easy and fruitful way to increase in our beneficial deeds is to send Eid greetings to an imprisoned brother or sister. Addresses can be found here. To find out more about how you can deposit sadaqa directly into an inmate account, see here.

Wrenched from their families and communities, the ever increasing percentage of our Ummah confined behind bars will Insha’Allah appreciate this small token of brotherhood.

Of note in this month’s update is that our Smiling Somali has been transferred to New York, away from the only community he has ever known since his confinement in America.

Quazi Nafis (not listed) was arrested Wednesday in an entrapment scheme; his family lives in Bangladesh and will most likely be unable to see him.

After being assaulted by a guard and silenced in ADX five months ago, Ahmed Ajaj has returned to USP Marion where the attack took place, along with former Marion residents Ehsanul Sadequee and Wali Shah.

Ismail Royer has been moved out of Florence ADX along with Adham Hassoun.

Ziyad Yaghi is launching an appeal to his conviction and may finally be out of isolation.

Rezwan Ferdaus will be sentenced on November 1 and is expected to receive a 17 year term and is currently being housed in the Wyatt Detention Center.

Although Abu Hamza is only allowed to use his prosthetics for a limited time daily, he is to be fitted with new arms at an unknown time in the future.

It’s unclear how Mustafa copes during the times he’s without his fake limbs. He has appeared in court handless and helpless, the rounded ends of his arms — both cut off shortly after the elbows — in plain sight.

Jose Padilla has been transferred to Miami perhaps in connection with ongoing lawsuits concerning torture although an appeal was rejected earlier this summer.

Nidal Hasan will face court martial for the 2009 shooting at a military base after an appeals court ruled that his beard will be forcibly shaved for the trial.

Colleen LaRose faces a possible life sentence in December after pleading guilty over a year ago.

Mahamud Said Omar, extradited from the Netherlands, is the first Somali to go to trial (another 11 or so plead guilty) in the ethnically targeted sweep known as “Operation Rhino.” He was found guilty on 5 counts and faces a life sentence although no sentencing date was set.

18 year old Mohammad Hassan Khalid pleaded guilty earlier this year, and will be sentenced in late November facing a 15 year sentence; his family has been visibly absent at court proceedings.

The trial for drug-related charges for Amir Muhaddith (aka Loon) has been moved from October to December.

Trial for Imam Abu Taubah has been postponed indefinitely.

As always, remember them and their families in your duas, and be sure to let us know of any returned mail, incorrect addresses, missing prisoners, or updates you would like to share.

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