Mohammed Hamid: Rehab and a New Life

18 Oct

…(Continued from Part One)

My wife left me debts, rent in arrears of ₤4,000. I couldn’t believe this as I was giving her money. Anyway, everything got sorted and being one parent was hard, but it was ok, “I think.” I was working, coming home, cooking, cleaning, washing, and ironing. I used to get a babysitter and used to go out at weekends. My ex would not even see the children, but I sorted it out with my ex and told her not to take her hate out on the children just because they wanted to stay with me.

After that my children didn’t want to go to their mum, but it took a year before this got sorted out. I met a few young ladies and they were very helpful, but I was not ready to jump into a relationship. I was lonely and missed my first wife. I went into drink and drugs but not heavy drugs, only cannabis and speed and sometimes snorted coke. I met this woman, she lived in Hamstead, and she would come stay with me. She was posh English, had money, and loved to party. This was my biggest mistake.   

This woman ruined me. My kids really liked her and that’s why I could not get rid of her. She introduced crack to me and my life dissolved. 3 years being a one parent and now crack came into my life- I was finished. I am lucky to be alive, my money, my goods all went. I sent my daughter to my sister and my son went back to his mum. I had a hell of a drugs experience and I decided to run off to India to clean myself up or die.

I stayed in India and cleaned up. Then I met my love, the Queen of my life, a virgin princess. I married in December 1993. She was a practicing woman in Islam and she wore a veil. That didn’t bother me as I loved her.

My dad was ill and I had to come back, but just before we landed, he passed away and I got to the funeral. My dad got to see my wedding photo and he was very pleased (I sent my photo with someone before). I was the first guy to get married in my village from England. Out of all of my uncle’s family and our’s no one has had a wedding in India, only me, and my dad was really pleased as we invited the whole village for dinner. Dad was proud of his son and thanks to my elder brother who guided me in India and my cousins who found my match.

I went back to India and stayed with my wife. We went to Goa and was with the women secretary of British embassy. The high commission was in Goa, his secretary got along with me and we went to some clubs and restaurants with my wife. I met the high commissioner, my wife got her visa, and we came back to England. My daughter was back with me, but my stepson just came at weekends. I had a son. I still had a bit of habit with alcohol and going to clubs but after that I had a daughter.

In 1997 I started to practice Islam and opened the bookshop. In 1998 my eldest brother passed away he was handicapped. I was in India, and when I cam back he was in a coma. My mum, my dad, my brother: I never got to speak to them before they left this world and that really hurts.

But God had given me another son in 2002 and I had another son in 2007 [while] in prison. My first wife’s name was L– , and my stepson is called J– and my daughter is Y– . Y– got married and I have got two grandchildren, J– and A– . J– is 9 years old and A– is 7 years old. My second wife is called M– and my first son is 13 years old, A– , my daughter K– is 10 years old, son M– is 6 years old, and my son Abdul– is 11 months old.

I have more non-Muslim friends than Muslims and I get more letters from non-Muslims than Muslims. I still go for xmas dinner as my son in law’s mum is English. I mix with everybody and in this prison I mix with everybody. The officer’s can’t believe how I make friends very easily with non-believers.

[Next: The Call to Dawah, to be continued….]


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2 responses to “Mohammed Hamid: Rehab and a New Life

  1. Fulan

    October 19, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    May Allah give him and his family khayr and return him to his family and make him and his family o the righteous ameen


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