From Arrest to Release: An Overview of the UK Prison Experience

14 Oct

“Muslims are breaking records with the judicial system in ways that are not imaginable.”

In 2007, Abdul Muhid was arrested along with three other Muslims for protesting the infamously racist Danish cartoons a year earlier. Convicted and sentenced to six years of imprisonment, he shares his experiences about the British justice system.

His talk covers the minutia involving pre-dawn raids, stop and search laws, repressive bail conditions, unfair trials, faulty evidence, imprisonment, release and probation. Additionally he addresses issues of freedom of speech, rampant racism within law enforcement, physical and psychological torture and abuse directed at Muslim prisoners, as well as the risks of suicide and the importance of sending letters.

The ex-prisoner also inspires with his recollection of Muslim solidarity and brotherhood behind bars and spiritual elevation achieved under such oppressive conditions. Especially touching is Abdul Muhid’s account of the serious tragedy of David English, the chilling horror faced by 17 year old Zahid Mubarak, the remorse inducing gratitude of Khalid al-Fawwaz, Dr. Mohammad Syed Alam’s delicate condition, and the beautiful Omar Khayam’s request to all of you.

For more information on how to fulfil your obligation of writing to and supporting prisoners, please see (UK) and (US). Prisoner listings can be found in the resources section of the aseerun website.

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One response to “From Arrest to Release: An Overview of the UK Prison Experience

  1. Hatesinjustice

    October 16, 2012 at 5:55 pm

    laa hawlaa walaa quwwata illa billaah


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