Tarek Mehanna Campaign Denounces Witch-Hunt and Bribes for Capture of Co-defendant, Ahmad Abousamra

13 Oct

Three years after returning to his ancestral homeland in Syria, Ahmad Abousamra was indicted in absentia with Tariq Mehanna. This 2009 indictment is the very same document that inspired the theatrical press conference by US Attorneys to unleash on the public a non-existent but undeniably dramatic plot of a mall shooting spree.

Now three years later, a new drama unfolds, featuring the release of a poorly produced public announcement in search of the alleged fugitive, “Aa-Maad” Abousamra.

Of note in the grander scheme of criminal activity is that the FBI field office in Boston is in pursuit of several fugitives; a convicted murderer who stabbed a man to death, a man who shot and beat a police chief to death, a man wanted for the molestation of three young girls, and a man wanted for the repeated rape of two young boys, who, sadly, is the only other fugitive with a reward offer and at half of that of Abousamra’s.

Yet none of the above mentioned were worthy of a video and a vast effort to spread a global campaign of media alerts and social networking awareness, especially when it seems as though a potential serial-child-rapist in one’s own backyard is a more eminent threat than a man who is not even accused of committing an act of violence, living in a foreign country. The disproportionate attention given to Abousamra and Mehanna only glaringly illustrates the political nature of such prosecutions.

As such, the video regurgitates the same conjectures of Abousamra’s supposed intentions that are found in indictments and press releases; the ‘wanted’ video merely adds a visual dimension to the propaganda.

Viewers are primed in anticipation when the video alert reveals an upcoming audio clip. What would they hear when the “armed and dangerous” Ahmad Abousamra, a man who’s crime was to believe in “the glory of dying on the battlefield,” speaks?       

If they don’t have a warrant they don’t have a right to do that. Make sure you tell you mother that next time because they might scare her. You know what I’m saying?

After several years of surveillance and recorded conversations, surely, as transcripts of the Tarek Mehanna trial have revealed, there were statements the FBI could have selected to aid its campaign of publicly daemonizing a suspect prior to trial, but the Bureau chose to this particular quote.

And it speaks volumes, not about Abousamra and his alleged beliefs, but of his persecutors and their artless agenda.

In essence, the pinnacle of guilt and criminal activity, an activity worse than merely sympathizing with suicide bombings or insurgent groups in occupied territories, was concern for the legal rights of his recently harassed friend. And this attention to law and legality is the real threat to the establishment.

That marginalized groups in America could use the law to protect themselves from government abuse has historically been a focus of suppressing civil dissent. Which is why the statement (reproduced below) issued by the Tarek Mehanna Campaign is not only bold and defiant, but a necessary stance to defy abuse by authority and speak to the actual issue: the right of all peoples, everywhere, to self-defence and self-determination.

And just in case any readers (or the FBI) were wondering what Abousamra was doing in Syria, they can simply ask his father… back in 2009:

In a recent interview, Abousamra’s father disputed the FBI’s suggestion that his son fled to Syria in December 2006 after being questioned by the FBI.

“My son is the most peaceful man,’’ said Abdul Abousamra, a prominent doctor who worked at Massachusetts General Hospital for 21 years before moving to Michigan two years ago

He said that he is in touch with his son and that the young man was shocked by the allegations.

Dr. Abousamra said his son went to Syria to be with his wife after graduating from UMass Boston with a degree in computer science. He said his son has been in contact with US immigration officials, who have his address in Syria, for more than a year while trying to help his wife obtain a visa to return to the United States with him.

He said his son has been taking care of his wife, daughter, and grandparents while in Syria.

Statement from the Tarek Mehanna Support Committee:

The FBI has recently announced a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of Ahmad Abousamra. The Tarek Mehanna Support Committee opposes all attempts by the US government to capture and prosecute Tarek Mehanna’s co-defendant, Ahmad Abousamra.
During Mehanna’s recent trial, the government failed in its goals to vilify Mehanna and intimidate the Muslim community. Community support for Mehanna grew and civil liberties organizations cried foul. After failing to advance these strategic objectives using the stick, the government is now attempting the carrot.
The bounty offered to capture Abousamra is part and parcel of the US government’s attempts to destroy the Muslim community through fostering informants and mistrust, while “national security” and the so-called “War on Terror” continue to justify wars here and abroad, and erode any remaining civil liberties.
We consider the surveillance, harassment and indictment of domestic Muslims for “terrorism” to be an extension of an illegitimate war that the US government is waging across the Arab and Muslim world. The US government calls the people who defend their countries against US aggression “terrorists,” and charges those who support the right to self-defense with “material support for terrorism.”
We support the right of people to resist invasion, theft of resources, and all forms of oppression. We support the right of oppressed people to self-defense.
Our prayers go out to Ahmad Abousamra and his young daughter, wherever they are. We can only hope that Ahmad Abousamra does not meet the same fate as Dr. Aafia Siddiqui – another former Boston area Muslim activist and academic, who had already been abducted in 2003 by U.S. intelligence forces in Pakistan well before the FBI announced a reward for her capture. This same abduction resulted in the bloody death of Dr. Siddiqui’s infant son Suleman.
We call upon members of our community to take a principled stance of non-cooperation with any and all FBI and US Attorney’s office attempts to gather information and testimony in this case. We further call upon community members to take a stance of complete non-cooperation with federal agents and future grand juries or trials.

– Tarek Mehanna Support Committee

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